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We don’t just give food, shelter or medical assistance, We make people’s experience. Covid-19 Relief SA was built on the belief that everybody is special, and we carry that belief into everything we do.

Call/Whatsapp: +27733981907

From serving a warm plate of food to a starving child, to providing vital feed for cattle suffering the result of drought, and from distributing vital supplies to families living in poor communities to feeding people affected by the pandemic.

Backing the global fight against Covid-19, our aim is to contribute tellingly in the quest to save the lives of the starving and malnourished – human or animal.

Apart from such short-term assistance, we continuously search for and deliver effective solutions, designed to give effect to long-term change, developing and implementing small-scale self-help agricultural projects within needy communities, empowering them to improve food security levels.

In addition, we continue making available our protein-based meal Supplement, the world’s first groundnut high-energy and protein supplement, which requires no refrigeration. The product, innovated by our team, is ideal as a disaster-relief foodstuff and is provided to people who are – as a result of effects of this pandemic


Every life is valuable, a fact which takes on heightened importance when dealing with vulnerable people unwittingly caught-up in areas of poor service delivery

We have the capacity and expertise to act quickly, delivering emergency medical supplies, equipment and support to those rendered helpless in the face of natural disaster, war and conflict, poverty and disease.

Having assessed needs, we are able to call on a dedicated team of highly skilled and diverse medical specialists, rapidly deploying them to points of concern around the world to lend support to those affected by any form of humanitarian emergency.

Whether effecting short-term relief or conducting longer-term medical outreach initiatives, our professional teams deliver lifesaving, world-class healthcare around the world in some of the most trying conditions imaginable, abilities learned and honed through years of intervention in wars and a plethora of natural disasters.

Natural disasters and man-made conflicts are a real and present danger the world-over, very often affecting and displacing hundreds of thousands of people in their wake.
We are geared to quickly assess emergent disasters and are capable of then using our financial muscle, know-how, access to resources and – when necessary – to draw on additional collaborative expertise to effectively and efficiently respond to both the immediate and longer-term needs of communities impacted by such events.
We have the wherewithal to negotiate with host country Governments and to link with local organisations on the ground, which boast sound knowledge of the prevailing conditions